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Not much to know. Just another kid looking for another form of expression. A lot of things make me happy, more things piss me off. It will not take long for anyone to figure out where I stand on stuff, but I don't spit out opinions because I like to hear myself make arguments, I will always have a motive. Peace.

Monday, February 19, 2007

Back From the Dead

OK, since I love you all I'm back for more. Fulfilling my 2 month old promise...

uTorrent acquisition- No big deal. Everything panned out fine.
Borat- I don't remember a time I cringed more often in a small time frame. That being said, I laughed my ass off.
Troy Smith- 2nd rounder at best now.
Mythbusters- Top 5 show on T.V.
Music (I won't be preachy, I swear.)- fuck that I'm not even touching this time bomb.

More to come. I'm going to be making up some lost ground.


Saturday, December 09, 2006


I am really being a post whore today but I want to post a couple of things I will comment on in the near future. This list is mostly for me so I don't forget but if there are readers out there be sure to stay tuned for:

uTorrent acquisition
Troy Smith
Music (I won't be preachy, I swear.)

most of these will be stubs but I just want to write a quick tidbit on these.


Afterthough: Geekdrome

I was just saying my final farewell's to Bodie when I realized that something else in my life has gone missing: Geekdrome. Every Monday a vidcast called Geekdrome. It was hosted by two regular guys who went back and forth about movies, comic books, and video games. They had great chemistry (maybe not so much) and kind of had a Tony Kornheiser and Michael Wilbon on PTI vibe going. They respected and liked each other but sometimes went at it over opinions on the latest ____ movie, comic book etc. It was great fun. So anyway I was checking the rss feed for the show constantly on Monday and got nothing. "OK." I thought. "No biggie it will just make my Tuesday sweeter." Wrong. the show was abruptly canceled. Dan Trachtenberg cited personal reasons for the leaving the show. The other host, Jonathon London has said he will continue doing some sort of show, but I doubt it will have the same magic as Geekdrome. Man am I depressed right now.

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Video Game Roundup

There isn't a lot (or anything) to be said about Gears of War that has not already been said, but ho-ly shit. If you have the Xbox 360, you must buy this game A.S.A.P. and if you do not have a 360, this is a great reason to spoil yourself and go grab one. It is Halo, but more intense, difficult, and downright scary at times. The controls are pretty intuitive after a few minutes of play and finding and using cover is really fun. her is a video with some game play after the first few minutes of cut scene. The download is around 90 megs but it should stream.

The other game I played for the first time today was Guitar Hero II. I'm not sure if a game can get much more different than Gears of War than Guitar Hero, but it is fun all the same. The songs are awesome and edited to be family friendly, so anyone can play. I actually thought Guitar Hero was harder than Gears because I am apparently uncoordinated, but the people I was playing with picked it up very quickly and were on medium difficulty within minutes. I stayed on Easy but still had a blast. I'm not sure if I would play this game alone, but it makes a great party game, even my sister loved it and the last game she played and actually enjoyed was Jet Moto. If you are considering buying guitar hero II I would recommend you take a look at the track listings of both 1 and 2 to see which you prefer because I have been told the game is nearly identical except for the set list.

Shred on.

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The Wire Finale

R.I.P. Bodie.

Anyone who watches The Wire will know what I'm talking about and probably agree with me. He was a cold son of a bitch. He killed Wallace in the first season, and I hated him for it, but since then Bodie has grown on me a lot. I wanted to cry when I saw him finally cash in his chips. There was very little closure this season but I know it is all building up for the final season (grrrrrrrrrr!) Seriously though, if you don't watch The Wire, do yourself a favor and borrow or buy the dvd's. You will not regret it. There are more dubious and illegal ways of getting the episodes, but this really is something you should spend your hard-earned moolah on.

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Sunday, December 03, 2006

BCS Bowls Announced


Now that that nasty business is out of the way, lets get to BCS bowl discussion. Ohio State was the obvious number one, nobody can deny that. They are the first team in college football history to beat two #2 teams in one year. However, I still think that both Wisconsin and Michigan got shafted. Of course all the talk about a playoff erupted again as it does almost every year. Here is the thing: everyone knows the BCS is pretty much bull, but the money is too good to turn down. As it currently stands, the BCS committee can hand pick the games to create the best match ups so all the games look at least kinda good on paper. If a playoff is instituted then the champoinship could be between 2 teams that have merit, but lack the sexiness of say a Florida, FSU, or another school with a huge fan base. Look at the World Series, the ratings are terrible because by the end, nobody gives a hoot. College basketball has a perfect system and I would love to see it put in place for college football, but money talks, and it sounds real convincing to the BCS committee to stay put and keep the computers.

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CDX-GT510: Final Thoguhts

The iPod feature is a 100% waste. Save yourself a lot of money and go for a unit that has a line-in if you want to use your iPod because controlling the iPod though the stereo knob thing is just atrocious. Otherwise it is fine, I'm just pissed that I got suckered so badly.

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Casino Royale

It not surprising that when you are conditioned to watch complete crap that when you get something something half-decent it seems to be a godsend. I saw Casino Royale on Thanksgiving day with my cousins and it was the first quality James Bond movie in a long time. Daniel Craig was a perfect Bond for the new direction they are taking the franchise. He was cold hearted and brutal, the way a real assassin would be, but he kept the was still able to deliver witty lines with an enjoyable swagger. It is the first movie I have seen in theaters since X:3 and it was a nice way to come back from a letdown like the X-Men series. The movie felt pretty damn long towards the end and I'm hoping the ending will be explained in the next movie because I didn't get it. 7/10

Speaking of "didn't get it" I also just saw The Prestige with Hugh Jackman and Christian Bale. Another great movie and I won't want to spoil anyhting but if you atually know who Tesla was, they veer into scifi with his character. I took my historical knowledge of him and tried to apply it to the movie which was a huge mistake. Go into it with your mind open. Still an 8/10.

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It's Been Awhile

Well it it has been a long time since I posted. Time just kind of got away from me I guess. I'll try to make up for it by writing a little more than usual today (assuming anyone cares :-))

Playstation 3 and Nintendo Wii have finally made their respective debuts, and with new console launches come throngs of over-opinionated, frothing at the mouth fools. Fanboys love to nitpick and find flaws, no matter how trivial or nonexistent. I had a Playstaion 2 and an Xbox and loved them both, and it pains me to see Sony getting rocked by every reviewer, but in the end as a consumer I have to make the smartest investment: either a 360 or ::sigh:: the Wii. I've long stereotyped Nintendo as a children's company, but the wiimote looks pretty damn fun. The graphics on the Wii are noticeably worse on the Wii than its competitors, but I still think it would be a riot to play tennis with a virtual racket. I guess the best move is to wait until the dust settles and then make a move.

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Sunday, November 19, 2006


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Monday, November 13, 2006

Late night

It is really late. I just bs'd all my homework. Whatever, that doesn't bother me. What bothers me is that Northeastern lost my online application. More on this later when I am awake and not dreading the morning...

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Sunday, November 12, 2006

The Best Show You Aren'y Watching Pt.2

Yeah apparently I'm really into Pt. 2 entries. He, at least I'm thorough. Anyway, there is another show out there I feel every human NEEDS to see: The Wire. It is genius. If you aren't into comedy and live for a cop drama, look it up. It follows the cat and mouse game between police and drug dealers. It is kind of similar to Law and Order except set in Baltimore and a whole season revolves around one case. I feel as connected to the villains as I do the heroes. The writing is exceptional and the character's interactions with each other are highly engaging. DVD's are available for the first few season so drop by blockbuster or netflix and give it a shot. You will not regret it.

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Good Weekend Pt. 2

Well, Sunday came through huge. The browns won AND I did end up getting a new cellphone (RAZR, old phone is on the right.) Pretty good deal for me this weekend. Two tests tomorrow so time to stop messing around with my new toys and hit the books.

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Saturday, November 11, 2006

The Best Show You Aren't Watching

...that I am watching anyway, is The Office. I know it catches a lot of shit because it literally is a rip-off of the U.K. version, but trust me people, this show is damn funny. All of the actors are great and play their roles like they were born to play them. Just give The Office one chance, that is all it will need. I promise.

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Good Weekend!

It is already shaping up to be a great weekend! Today, I got a new stereo for my car. It sounds good and isn't too tacky. It is a Sony so you know I got that brand-name bling. Tomorrow I might get a new cell phone! Sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet.

Getting decent grades sure is more than trying to explain away bad ones.

I drive a '98 BMW 328i. Before you call me a spoiled bastard, I must tell you that the only reason I don't drive an old Volvo is my sister wrecked it and begged my dad to buy her a cute little car. I have no idea how that worked out but since she is at college I get it all to myself (until I leave next November, anyway.) It is a CDX-GT510. The iPod controls leave a lot to be desired but the sound quality is superb. I should have done more research before I bought anything but whatever. Just a side-note: Circuit City sucks when it comes to installation. Took like 4.5 hours when they originally estimated 2-3. Lame. My dad has been burned on this kind of thing as well.

I will definitely post tomorrow is I get a phone, but even if I don't, a great weekend by any standard :)

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